About Chamasoft

The leading investment group
financial management system

Chamasoft is a bookkeeping
tool for Chamas

Chamsoft automates the operations of chamas, eliminating the need for complex Excel sheets & bulky write up, there by making the work of financial book keeping within the group easier.

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Chamasoft Enhances Data
Privacy for all Chamas

Chamasoft greatly improves data privacy by ensuring all chama data remains secure. Chamasoft offers authentication of chama members before accessing their chama details.

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Why use Chamasoft?

When it comes to managing your groups finances, one needs to choose toolsthat ease the work load, are accurate and accessible.

Safe & Secure

Your Chama’s information is securely stored in our servers. We also ensure your information is only visible to authorized users.

Accurate & Reliable

Our platform has an uptime of 99.9%, your Chama’s data can be accessed anytime. We also guarantee you 100% accuracy on all reports.

Dedicated Support

Your Chama benefits from our dedicated support team. We are ready to support your members through our support channels.

Use Cases

How can Chamasoft be implemented?

Benefits of Joining

Discover the benefits of Chamasoft, the premier app for Chama management. Chamasoft helps Chamas efficiently manage their financial records, streamline operations, and enhance transparency. With our dedicated support team, you'll experience seamless integration and improved financial oversight. Start using Chamasoft today and see how it can revolutionize your Chama's bookkeeping and management.

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